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Working With Children & Teens

Navigating the road between childhood and the adult world has never been an easy transition but in this time of ever changing societal rules and values it can be a time of overwhelming stress for many of our emerging teens. It is easy for these amazing young people to become confused and disoriented as they attempt to find their unique place in the world.

Wendy provides a Safe, Judgment Free place for Teens to Define their Personal Needs, Set Goals and Release Limiting Beliefs and Attitudes that keep them from Achieving their Amazing Personal Potential.
Her Client Centered Therapeutic Approach Encourages and Supports
Change, Healing and Growth.

Wendy's ever expanding 'Toolbox' of techniques incorporates a wide variety of holistic modalities that include harnessing the unlimited potential of our subconscious mind through hypnosis, energy alignment and rebalancing with reiki and EFT as well as a healthy dose of good, old fashion active listening.
Hearing is Done with the Ears; Listening is Done with the Heart.
If you are struggling with something I don't have listed here please feel free to contact me to discuss your unique challenge;
Our goal is to be successful in as few sessions as possible. We want our clients to be empowered by the process and feel confident in using the power of their own mind to create their positive outcomes.
It is important to us that they understand that change is a personal decision and that they completely own their personal success story.

Generally speaking, three to four sessions are commonly needed to help cement the desired mental changes and create an environment for permanent change.

As a general rule, five-years-old is the youngest acceptable age for a hypnosis session, but it all depends on the child's language skills and the temperament of the hypnotherapist.
Young people are very receptive to suggestion in a normal waking state and as such make excellent partners for change.
Children and Youth respond extremely well to Hypnotic suggestion and provide
an excellent example of how truly powerful our subconscious mind is at achieving
balance and creating harmony.
Lasting changes can occur quickly and easily with fear or uncertainty being resolved and replaced with strong feelings of personal empowerment.
Personal Conduct
Behavioural Expression
Thumb Sucking
Nail Biting
Hair Pulling
Sleep Disturbances
Bed Wetting
Freedom from Diapers
Self Injury

Transitional Adjustments

Adjusting Self-Image

Performance Enhancement

Common Childhood Fears

Divorce & Blended Families
New School or Neighborhood
Improving Social Skills
Building Social Confidence
Guilt & Shame
General Happiness
Self-Confidence & Esteem
Study Habits
Goal Setting
Focus & Concentration
Memory Improvement
Homework Completion
Reading Competency
Sports Enhancement
Stage Fright
Test Anxiety
Animals - Dogs, Snakes, etc
Being Left Alone
Doctors - Dentist
Fear of Needles
Peer Interaction
More . . .
Each session is structured according to the individual needs of the child and takes into account factors such as age, maturity and comfort levels.
It is true that all ages can benefit by receiving positive suggestions while in a relaxed state of mind. I have found that some three or four-year-olds can participate depending on their level of maturity and ability to focus.
Many children experience positive changes immediately but because every client comes with a unique set of circumstances sometimes the change is more progressive with gradual improvement over time.
Together we can find the resolution you're seeking.
Llamas offer a Kind, Gentle Ear, Unconditional Love and an Opportunity for 
                                                                      Self Expression that is Truly Unique and Rewarding.

Organized Focus offers something truly unique and special by using Llama Therapy
to help teens connect and remove emotional barriers that hold them back.

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