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Commonly Asked Questions

A Well Trained Certified Hypnotherapist Can Help You To:

             ·  Manage stress 
             ·  Enhance self-esteem
             ·  Eliminate irrational fears and phobias
·  Remove unwanted habits
             ·  Improve grades
             ·  Shed excess weight
             ·  Stop smoking 
             ·  Improve sports performance 
             ·  Eliminate dental related concerns
             ·  Improve self-confidence 
             ·  Manage pain
             ·  Relieve acute and chronic illness
             ·  Prepare for pre and post surgery
             ·  Heal personal relationships 
             ·  Assist in childbirth
             ·  And so much more . . .

When in trance you may not even feel hypnotized. Hypnosis is so normal, so natural and so familiar that when you go into trance, it just feels like the same old thing that you have done before, even in deep trance. For most people, a light trance is all that is necessary to obtain the desired results.   
Almost everyone experiences a light state of hypnosis several times throughout an average day, like right before they fall asleep and again as they come into wakefulness. Driving long distances can put us into a daydream state that we call highway hypnosis. You drive your car in a state that resembles autopilot while your thoughts are somewhere far away.
If you've ever lost track of time while watching TV or listening to music, you may have been in light hypnosis. The advertising industry counts on it. When you are listening intently to someone with rapt undivided attention, you are probably in light trance.
The distinction between these kinds of experiences and hypnosis, as understood in the formal sense of the term, is that hypnosis is something that is intentionally induced or caused to happen.
Many people come to a Hypnotherapist thinking that there is something about trance that is different than their normal state of consciousness or that they will enter the zombie like state depicted on TV and this simply is not the case.
A light trance feels no different from deep relaxation. No matter how deep into trance one goes, there is a feeling of comfort and familiarity. Do not expect to 'feel' hypnotized but do expect to feel very relaxed.
Although this may sound like a silly question, many people have seen stage hypnosis performances or television accounts of hypnosis that leave them with worry or incorrect assumptions about what hypnosis can really do.
While I have great admiration for Stage Hypnotists and their ability to entertain people and make them laugh, I cannot stress strongly enough that this form of hypnosis is for Entertainment Purposes Only.
All hypnosis is really "Self-Hypnosis." What you are really doing is allowing the Hypnotist to guide you into the deeper and broader resources of your subconscious mind. Since it is a 100% consensual state, no one can hypnotize you against your will and you are perfectly free and able at any time to receive or reject any suggestion that is offered.
You cannot be made to do anything that is against your will or moral judgment that you would not do at any other time when you're not in a trance state. Some people love to entertain others and go into trance easily making them excellent candidates for Stage Hypnotists. Does this mean they are faking or just playing along? No, not at all. They simply make ideal and willing props to amuse and entertain the audience. As for television accounts of hypnosis, well . . .  let's just say that that's just television and leave it at that for now.
While there is a very small percentage of the population that cannot be hypnotized, for the most part, anyone who can close their eyes and use their imagination can be guided into a hypnotic state provided they allow it.
No, you absolutely cannot get stuck. Never in recorded history has there ever been any danger or ill effects linked to hypnosis. Hypnotic trance occurs when the brain wave activity is between being fully awake and being completely asleep. If the frequency of your brain wave activity sped up into the Alpha (8-13 Hz) or Beta (14-30 Hz) waves you would simply come out of hypnosis and re-enter your conscious state. Should your brain wave activity drop below 4-7 Hz (Theta) you would merely fall asleep and enter into a Delta (0.5 Hz) pattern of brain waves. If the Hypnotherapist didn't wake you up you would simply wake up on your own when you were ready.
Brain Waves

Brain Waves

States of Consciousness


Beta Brain Waves

Alert, Waking conscious state

14 – 30 Hz

Alpha Brain Waves

Relaxed closed-eyed, Daydreaming, Creative

8-13 Hz

Theta Brain Waves

Hypnotic, Dreaming, Meditative, Highly Focused, ‘Zoned Out’

4-7 Hz

Delta Brain Waves

Asleep, Unconscious, Deep REM sleep

0.5-6 Hz


Hypnosis does not act as a truth serum or lie detector. It is not like 'Opening Pandora's Box' and letting out all your secrets. Remember, you have chosen to be hypnotized and are always in complete control. Your own mind determines how much or how little you wish to contribute to a hypnosis session. You can just as freely choose to answer or not answer questions in a hypnotic state as you do in a wide-awake state.
Can a Hypnotist make me do something I don't want to do?
Can anyone be hypnotized?
Will I reveal too much when I am hypnotized?
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