Organized Focus 2008
Try it for yourself and see why clients, who have experienced great success with each of these modalities used separately, are thrilled and excited when given the opportunity to intensify their healing experience.

H ypno-Reiki

Hypno-Reiki is the powerful process of blending the two highly effective, stand-alone, healing techniques of Hypnosis and Reiki to create an outstanding opportunity for personal growth and healing.
Hypnosis allows us to bypass the conscious limiting mind and allows direct access the powerful unconscious mind where real and lasting change can occur in the way that we think, feel and behave. By offering the unconscious mind carefully chosen positive suggestions during this relaxed, hyper focused state we are able to replace old, outdated beliefs that no longer serve us with new, empowering ways of thinking and believing.

When we call upon the powerful healing energy of Reiki during this time of intense relaxation and receptivity, energy is able to flow easily and without restriction to where it is most needed.

Combining the healing effects of these two equally powerful treatments into one amazing session is something you'll want to experience again and again.

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