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What is Hypnosis and Why are We Hearing So Much About It These Days?

The answer to the first part of this question is a little longer
so let's start with the second part

The altered state of consciousness known as hypnosis is a completely safe and natural state of mind that most people experience in various forms everyday. When in this state of intense focused attention you can bypass the critical factor or conscious mind more easily thus aiding your subconscious mind to become more attentive and receptive to positive suggestion and therefore more open to change.

Hypnosis is fun, feels great and when used in a respectful, therapeutic environment can have profoundly beneficial effects on the mind, body and spirit.

              ·  Manage stress 
              ·  Enhance self-esteem
              ·  Eliminate irrational fears and phobias
             ·  Remove unwanted habits
              ·  Improve grades
              ·  Shed excess weight 
              ·  Stop smoking 
              ·  Improve sports performance
              ·  Eliminate dental related concerns
              ·  Improve self-confidence 
              ·  Manage pain
              ·  Relieve acute and chronic illness
              ·  Prepare for pre and post surgery
              ·  Heal personal relationships
              ·  Assist in childbirth
              ·  And so much more . . .

Many people are unaware of the amazing potential for change and growth that is housed within their own subconscious minds. Hypnosis helps to reconnect you with your personal, internal power source and allows you to transform your view of the world.

Commonly Asked Questions
A well trained Certified Hypnotherapist can help you to:

Wendy Suel is Certified by
International Association
of Counselors and Therapists
International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association and
the National Guild of Hypnotists.
She proudly adheres to the strict Code of Ethics and standards of practice maintained by these respected organizations.

'Why does everyone seem to be talking about Hypnosis these days?'
That's easy . . . Because Hypnosis Works!

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