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What Is Reiki

Illness is usually a message from our body to take notice that something is out of balance in our lives. It is an important opportunity to go inside ourselves and identify and examine areas in our life that no longer serve our needs.  

It sometimes forces us to slow down and ask ourselves some very important questions.
·  Are we living our best life? 
·  Do we need to learn something? 
·  Forgive someone? 
·  Release old memories or patterns of behaviour? 
·  Make healthy life changes? 
·  Bring more joy into our lives? 
·  Or perhaps love ourselves more . . .

Ultimately, it is up to us as creators of our own life experience to cast off old habits and patterns that no longer serve us and to invite and embrace healthy change into our lives.

Reiki promotes deep relaxation and helps to release blockages within the physical, mental and emotional bodies. By allowing energy to flow naturally through the body we are able to relieve stress and tension and create an ideal environment for health.

Once toxins and waste products, that have built up over time and caused blockages, are gently released a person can then receive, hold and store more energy in the body. Accelerating one's own energy vibration promotes and encourages the bodies natural ability to heal and thrive. 

Every Reiki healing treatment is unique and no two people will experience this deeply relaxing session in the exact same way. The experience will even change and evolve from one session to the next.

Some people report feeling heat or tingling in their bodies while others experience it as color or sound.

Some people don't feel any sensations at all and simply embrace it as a time to relax and 'zone out'.

However you experience the energy is the right way for you and you can rest assured that the energy is always working, even though you maybe not be aware of it at that moment.

Reiki healing usually brings about slow, gradual improvements over a period of days and weeks as it works with you to repair and restore energetic balance in the energy field. When these imbalances are left untreated they can create disease and unhappiness. When conditions have been present for a long time, it may take months and many treatments until maximum benefits can be realized.

Reiki does not often bring an instant cure of any condition. While occasional healing "miracles" have been reported, it is important to realize these are relatively rare and much hoped for events. It is best, when enjoying a treatment, to have no expectations about the outcome of the treatment and to just allow the life force energy to flow where it is most needed.

Reiki healing can transform your life as it helps you to approach life's successes and challenges with calm, dignity and deep gratitude. As we connect with the divine we increase our capability to love and forgive not only ourselves but also any fellow travelers we meet on this journey we call life.

Serving Lanark County, Mississippi Mills and the Greater Ottawa Area, including the communities of Almonte, Carleton Place, Perth, Smiths Falls, Arnprior, Carp, Stittsville and Kanata.