What Organized Focus Can Do for You
Whatever your reasons, when you're ready to give up cigarettes for good, Hypnosis can help.

This highly successful program consists of three closely scheduled sessions. While most clients find they have lost the desire to smoke after the first session, we have found that 2 more sessions are necessary to reinforce the new behaviour and ensure lasting success.

Programs that rely on drugs can cause undesirable side effects. Hypnosis is a safe and natural way to tap into your amazing potential for change. You need not experience weight gain, undesirable side effects or replacement behaviours as a result of your decision to eliminate the habit of smoking from your life.
Since hypnosis cannot make you do anything you don't wish to do, it is very important that you have made the decision to stop for yourself and not as a result of pressure from others. This is your opportunity to do something meaningful and life affirming for yourself . . . Because you're worth it.
Payment for this program is required in full at the end of the first session unless alternate payment arrangements have been made in advance. (Call for details.)

This program uses various therapies to address issues around self talk and positive thinking, past events that may have set the stage for unhealthy eating behaviours, creating a physical environment that supports your success, choosing nutritional food, exercise plans that work, and the importance of building networks that respect and support your weight loss goals.

My clients have found that this 7-session program successfully addresses the many hidden issues that often keep us from achieving and maintaining permanent weight loss. Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight knows that it is so much more than simply following a diet plan.

Each program is custom tailored to fit your specific needs and goals. So whether you'd like to lose 20 or 200 lbs, hypnosis can help you reach and maintain the healthy size and weight that's best for you.

Individual sessions are also available to examine thoughts and beliefs that may be holding you back, increase your metabolism, reinforce positive behaviours or supply the extra bit of motivation you need to push past that 'plateau' and reach your goal weight faster.

This is Not Another Diet.
Are irrational fears or phobias controlling your life?
You don't have to live with this fear for another minute.
When the natural fear response that was designed to protect us becomes exaggerated, it can turn small challenges into what feel like major events.
Many clients have told me that resolving their fear through hypnosis was like having a weight lifted from their shoulders.

They no longer let fear hold them back or dictate what they can
and can't do and find themselves enjoying life's adventures more than ever before.

Although the needs of every client are unique and a customized plan of action is created for each objective the client wishes to explore, it is my experience that many fears and phobias can be successfully resolved in a single session.

Whether your goal is improved overall school performance or you've set your sights on a specific academic goal, hypnosis can help you achieve the success you deserve.

Improved focus and concentration, reduced anxiety, and increased motivation are only some of the advantages of accessing your own amazing potential with hypnosis.

You will find that your self-esteem grows rapidly as you develop new study skills and tap into your enhanced ability to retain and retrieve information more quickly and effortlessly.

If your school performance is currently holding you back from attending the college or university of your choice, now is the time to take responsibility for shaping your future and creating the life of your dreams.

A custom tailored hypnotic session can also help you prepare for work related training, personal interest courses or just help you focus and concentrate better in your day-to-day living.

Whatever your goals, hypnosis can help you make them a reality.

The word stress is derived from the Latin word "stringi", which means, "to be drawn tight".

Let's face it, the simple act of living produces stress. Add to that the busy, full lives most of us are choosing to live and you have the recipe for stress related conditions, emotional discord and eventually when our bodies can't take it anymore, illness.

It isn't realistic to think that we can avoid stress altogether but finding ways to manage our stress is probably one of the best things we can do to improve our lives.

The Good News is that no matter what event or situation is causing your unwanted stress, there are techniques available to you right now to help manage the symptoms and minimize the negative effects of stress in your life.

Reduced stress means a happier more centered you and is represented by an improved outlook on life, more harmonious personal relationships, fewer days lost to illness and more hope for the future.

All forms of energy work, including Reiki, Hypnosis and Hypno-Reiki can significantly help you reduce the negative effects of stress in your life and help to restore your inner balance and emotional and physical health.

You can Start Employing these Powerful, Proven Techniques Today and can Learn to
Release Yourself from the Frustration and
Suffering of Chronic Pain.

If the very thought of seeing a dentist makes your heart race, your head spin or fills you with dread you are not alone. Millions of people from all walks of life feel the exact same way you do about going to the dentist. The question is, are you going to settle for living with your fear or are you going to overcome it?

Being afraid of the dentist is never a good thing. You should be visiting your dentist twice a year if you want to maintain proper dental health. If you have a dental phobia, chances are you're not even coming close to that schedule and even as you're reading this, your teeth and your gums may be in jeopardy. The good news is that you don't have to live with this fear of dentists any longer. You can overcome your fear of the dentist.

Since all fear originates in the mind it makes sense that the solution also resides in the mind.

Build Confidence by Releasing Limiting Beliefs

Our personal goals and the things we wish to accomplish in our life are as unique and individual as we are. Sometimes we get caught up in the business of life and become so focused on the everyday challenges of just getting by that we forget to honor and explore the areas of our life that spark our interest, inspire us to grow and make us feel truly alive and connected to our inner potential.
Some of us are entering new phases in our lives where the focus of caring for other's fulltime needs has shifted creating more time for ourselves to explore and define what makes us feel joyful and fulfilled.
Hypnosis is a process that focuses your attention inward to your powerful subconscious mind and allows you to define and create the successful outcomes you're seeking.
Most, if not all, of them were 'hand me down beliefs' from other people in your life. The vast majority of them do not serve your highest good and in fact, become the thoughts and ideas that keep us from achieving our goals and dreams.
By the time we take our very first breath of air, and possibly even during our time spent in utero, we learn to interpret our surroundings and begin to form ideas and beliefs about ourselves and the world. These early beliefs form the very foundation of a life time of how we see and interact with the world.
Most of what we as people think and feel comes from the beliefs, words and actions of our significant others. As human beings 
we start out our lives as helpless infants who rely solely on the actions of others to sustain our fragile link to life.
Is it any wonder then, that as we grow we unconsciously take on the beliefs and traits of our caregivers and our view of the world is seen predominantly through the lens of their lives?
Stop and think for a moment, if you will, of the enormous number of beliefs that make up our viewpoint on life.
For as many years as you have been alive you have been collecting beliefs and viewpoints and storing them in nice, neat files within your operating system.
When You Become an Active Creator in Your Life, 
                                                           What Will it Look Like and Who Will You Become?
Hypnosis is an Easy, Highly Effective, Drug Free Way to Help You Overcome Your Fear 
                                                                           Take Charge of Your Oral Health Once and For All.
Chronic pain is a wide spread challenge in today's society facing millions of people of all ages.

Hypnosis offers Safe, Affordable, Non-addictive Pain Management Solutions that can
Enhance your Quality of Life and
Reduce Pain Related Disability.

Hypnosis can help with pain.
Organized Focus 2008

Imagine what our Lives can look like when we Replace Destructive, Self limiting Beliefs with Strong, Empowering ones that Encourage our Happiness and Personal Growth.

It is Important to Understand that Pain is a Signal, Sent from the Body to the Brain, Alerting us that Something is Not as it Should Be.

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